I kind of feel like I got slipped the worst mickey of all time and I woke up to find out that I had burned the whole city down. And you can say it wasn't me, but I'm the one with the Zippo in my pocket.

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I was supposed to be at the Dodger game Jared went to. But I decided to stay home with my family longer.

So let’s recap: 

Someone is fucking with me.

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  1. peterandstiles said: You have the worst fucking luck I have ever seen. You need to go to every social event when you have an inkling of doubt about not going. Because j2 will be there.
  2. nov2nd1983 said: How are you not killing someone? I would have fucking ldakfnsalknfda;kfa
  3. smowkie said: Oh, come on? Someone better stop fucking with you, or someone will get all of us on him/her. *grrr*
  4. there-llbepeacewhenyouaredone said: WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO YOU?! You must have killed puppies in a previous life or something. That sucksss.
  5. mpregalecki said: jared……is in……..california……..brain……..short circuiting………..
  6. codependentbrothersarchive said: next time you’re supposed to go somewhere… GO lol
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