I was supposed to be at the Dodger game Jared went to. But I decided to stay home with my family longer.

So let’s recap: 

  • didn’t go to the wine festival - Jensen was there
  • didn’t go to Laurel Tavern for lunch one day - Jared was there
  • didn’t go to the Dodger game - Jared was there

Someone is fucking with me.

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xsobbing in the corner
  1. evilclownapocalypse said: THIS JUST MEANS THAT SOMEDAY YOU WILL LIKE RUN INTO BOTH OF THEM SOMEWHERE AND IT WILL BE AWESOME. Maybe you’ll get stuck in an elevator with them or something.
  2. peterandstiles said: You have the worst fucking luck I have ever seen. You need to go to every social event when you have an inkling of doubt about not going. Because j2 will be there.
  3. nov2nd1983 said: How are you not killing someone? I would have fucking ldakfnsalknfda;kfa
  4. smowkie said: Oh, come on? Someone better stop fucking with you, or someone will get all of us on him/her. *grrr*
  5. there-llbepeacewhenyouaredone said: WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO YOU?! You must have killed puppies in a previous life or something. That sucksss.
  6. mpregalecki said: jared……is in……..california……..brain……..short circuiting………..
  7. codependentbrothersarchive said: next time you’re supposed to go somewhere… GO lol
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